Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shapes And Sizes : Antoine

Antoine was a bit tricky, mostly because all Mobians regardless of their species are generally shorter than Overlanders and Humans. For those of you don't know; there are three races of sapient beings in the Archie universe; humans, Overlanders, and Mobians. Humans (oops nvm on the people) and Mobinas are generally benign while Overlanders (human subspecies) are generally aggressive. So when it comes to height i tried to keep to a standard of how tall Mobians would be; according to the comics most of them are around 4 feet tall. Antoine however is a rule (badumksh) breaker standing at around 5 feet.
Another reason he's a rule breaker is because he has the most outfits that he goes between. C#1 is what he wears most of the time and what (if I wrote an entire comic) he would wear about 20-50% of the story.  He doesn't attain C#2 until later and there's a valid reason for that; but I wont spoil it. ;) I had to do some research on C#2 to make it more believable. It's based on British, Russian and French general uniforms mostly in design.

And just for comparison.


  1. Hmmm interesting. I always thought that Overlander was a term used for Humans post BEM gene bomb. That prior to the Xorda fucking with the world, there were no mobians nor overlanders, just animals and human animals. Then the Xorda had a bad day and decided to gene bomb the planet and Mobius as we know it was created.

    Overlanders (Humans) distinctly have four fingers, but retain their human shape. They are taller than Mobians, but lack the innate abilities that Mobians have inherited from their animal counterparts.

    The whole term "Overlander" is (to my understanding) a derogatory name Mobians used to describe those who live (Over in that land). Meaning they lived apart and away from Mobian settlements for a reason. That reason could have been that they hunted Mobians for food, and wore their pelts for clothing. (Which is a pretty good reason.) Each side has their own ideas about the other.

    An interesting thing to note is that when Robotnik tried to Robotise Overlanders, the result was fatal. (Think Dr. Who and the Cybermen). However a robotized Mobian can still recover from the experience and retain memories of their prior life and self conscious. I like to think that the SWAT bots were merely Overlanders who stood in Robotnik's way and were transformed into mindless zombie machines.

  2. Thanks for posting these, they are quite useful. I love your designs for Mobians. They make "sense".

  3. @ AlcyoneSong :

    I could be wrong but I could have sworn that were three races of sapient beings. And if there's not; there is now! Hahaha... And yes; I remember there was a lot of xenophobia towards the two races.

    In terms of anatomy in my universe. Humans have five digits on hands and feet, smaller eyes and smaller heads. They're more anatomically correct than Overlanders who are a mutated variant.Height wise they're around 4ft - 7ft like most people. Personality wise, they're generally benign.

    The Mobians are around 4ft - 5ft (rarely 6ft) have bigger hands, heads, and only four digits on the toes. Depending on species they have heightened senses or abilities but they're lesser than those of actual animals. Personality wise they're generally benign, but highly opportunistic.

    Overlanders are mutated version of humans from the bomb you mentioned (my universe). Their anatomical proportions are all over the charts (you will see in my species charts) and they tend to have big hands, odd shaped heads, and postures. Personality wise they're generally aggressive with mental instabilities.

    I've researched a lot of the other points you've made previously and I always thought they were pretty decent. :D One of the few elements of the comics that was inherently cool imo.

  4. I like your idea of the Overlanders being mutants that failed in the gene bomb. (The Hills have Eyes) I guess they are sort of like the Metis from the Werewolf Apocaplyse series.

    I'd like to read more about your version of the world, as it seems like it would be very interesting. I do hope you publish it someday!

  5. Thanks! I'm a huge lover of genetics and mutations so to be able to incorporate it int my story would be very fun indeed. :)

    Well, depending on how fleshed out I can get the main cast I might do a comic series; it would be very time consuming though and my hours at my job along with commissions have already limited how much I can get done. :/ But I do plan to do short comics of some of the characters when they were children and their parents were younger. That way I can test to see if I really have the stamina to do a comic series or not.


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