Friday, September 30, 2011

Size Chart

Size charts for several of the species. :) Each sheet had three characters that took all of 2min or each sheet. They were done on very small pieces of paper; no bigger than post its.

There are of course weird things going on here; mostly head size, if the head is too big there's an "s" pointing to it to ensure that those are made smaller on actual models. 

Here's Geoffrey's finished size and clothing chart. Antoine is next then Tails and Sonic. :D


  1. This is so useful. I always wondered why they designed Rotor so ... small compared to the others. Although he has mass, Walruses are HUGE irl, so that always stumped me. Is this sort of like the "eye color" thing. They're height and posture reflects their personality?

    Is Rotor the bitch of the group?

  2. @ AlcyoneSong :

    Well from what I understand all Mobians are around 4 feet tall regardless of their species. I can understand this to some extent but at the same time some animals would be taller than others.

    In my universe although species dictates height as a general rule; there are some rule breakers. Rotor would be of the height rule (shorter than smaller species) along with Antoine who's the tallest.

    I don't know if Archie ever explores how Mobian's came to be but I briefly do and it better explains odd proportions.

    The posture doesn't reflect a whole lot here; it's mostly to show how tall they are. Rotor's "slouched" because he has a lot of back and frontal fat. :D He's a chubster.

  3. Does Knux have short man syndrome? He does, doesn't he? :'D Love this. <3

  4. Thanks Del!

    And I'm pretty sure he does. ;) Still trying to figure out if he should be lean like he is in the comics or muscular. I think I'll make him muscular but not as much as Geoffrey. We shall have to see. Although I think it would be a nice contrast to his generally shy nature and his diet (frugivore). And would contrast Geoffrey's slight stereotype of being a muscular bully.


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