Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is a project that I'm still wanting to finish despite the story in my arch not going this far or even exploring this concept. I hated how all the kids were clones of their parents with not genetic flow and to some extent; personalities. So here was my attempt to improve some things. These were all drawn in early August.

He's a lot like his father, maybe too much so... He's cocky like he is but lacks the humility when needed. He's very impatient, a bit of a whiner, and has a tendency to take on any challenge much to his determent. Despite this he's very loyal to his friends and tries his best not to annoy them.

I wanted him to be a different color than his dad so I took Sally's color and faded over an aqua greenish color. That way he had some fur mix between both his parents. When he gets older, he stays a bit more stocky and short compared to most other hedgehogs. (traits from his mom) He also has an unusually long tail and the brown around his eyes? That's the color of his broken dorsal stripe around the end of his tail. (also thanks to him mom's side) and as a joke people call him "Manik the shrew" much to his chagrin.
Sonia is the younger sibling and twin of Manik. She's way more girly than her mother but still has her no BS streak especially from her brother who loves to pester her.

Although she's just as impatient, she's a bit more cautious and wary than her brother and a bit smarter to. She knows when she's incapable of doing something and is more willing to hesitate in a serious situation. Sonia doesn't like to get dirty at all and she would much rather jam out on her guitar. She seems to have inherited Maxamillion's gift for gab because she never seems to shut up.

She inherited big eyes, bigger nose, ears, and extremely short tail from Sonic. Her brown eyes, small hands, and long hair are from her grandmother (Sally's mom).

He normally wears a translucent fencing mask but I took it off so you could better see his face.

Jacque is an easy going mellow kind of guy, confident but not a jerk-face about his abilities. He's also proved to be very paternal and often doesn't hesitate to look after his four younger siblings unlike his older sister Belle. He's also trilingual; English, Russian, and French.

Jacque was hard to do for some reason. I wanted him to be an even mix between Bunnie and Antoine but it was somewhat difficult due the high contrast in anatomy I gave the two species (you'll see Bunnie later). I decided to give him his mother's orange fur and his father's light peach mask. Other traits he got from his mom are his incredibly short tail, facial mask that reaches to the upper lids of his eyes, ear color (mixed) , dark eyelids, and short muzzle. He inhereted his eye color from his grandmother (Antoine's side).

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