Thursday, September 29, 2011

Geoffrey Evolution

This character evolved a lot faster than Antoine or the others. Maybe it's because he's a caniform and not as design oriented originally that he's allowed me to explore more in terms of design without feeling hindered.

When I first designed him I still wasn't thinking too much in terms of making any short stories or comics based on the franchise; I was still in the realm of doodling for kicks. So  he was originally drawn to be tall and light, almost feathery.

But when I really started to design the characters and get more serious about the forms of each species; he became heavier and stockier.

Skunks tend to have small heads and thick muscular bodies similar to their cousin; the badger. His jaw became more muscular, his muzzle thicker, and his chin longer. I deliberately gave his chest marking a shape similar to a shield symbolize his duty as a royal guard. And it also has the neat look of a pointed arrow head when he's fully erect. In terms of posture that is. :) 

This is the end result of what I'll most likely be sticking with. I went through three different muzzle shapes before settling on this one. But I think it suites his species and personality quite well.


  1. **whistle** I do like how you posted his evolution to the "final" design. I love the slight head tilt in his profile. That detail adds volumes to his character. I also like his smirk. However I know you said the eye color was symbolic, I believe I'm missing that. So I will just nod my head and say "ok" while smiling to keep the "WHY DIDN'T YOU KNOW?" demon's at bay.

  2. @ AlcyoneSong :

    Thanks! ♥ He was a little tricky but not too much. I wanted his head to be different from the squirrel and coyote races. :) Coyotes generally have a muzzle that slightly tilts up; while squirrels have a muzzles with reduced stops; it's a general rule but not absolute.

    A lot of the eye colors were changed to reflect their main personality; which is a common thing with any character design.But instead of the main eye color being one shade o f blue as seen in the Archie comics they're more specific. Ice blue eyes (Sally , Max), Turquoise (Tails), and Cobalt (Geoffrey , Dagre) were given to certain characters to imply their more varied personalities.


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