Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Antoine Evolution

To be honest I don't know what inspired me to get so in depth with redesigning most of the characters from the Archie / Sat:AM universe; but if I had to pick one I have to say it would be Antoine. He has always been a favorite character of mine and so I think he is what sparked it. So below is a compilation of pieces from as early as late July to now that shows his evolution, mostly in chronological order of completion.

The first drawing of him. :) When I doodled this I was not really intending there to be a deeper darker story behind the character which is why he looks so much more goofy. To be honest, there was no story to begin with! This was drawn just for the heck of it.

By the time this was drawn I had been mulling around a back story for him that had more depth. From what I recalled in the original 100 issues of the comic not a whole lot was explored and little of it really explained his character. So this is where things stared to change in terms of design and background.

A lot of these facial expression still hold up to the model sheet that I've done recently. But you will see how his design changed from this image to the one below. And you can see why it's always important to do a model sheet before doing expression sheets. Hahaha.... LESSON LEARNED.

This piece actually has a story behind it; which will be left out for now but you can find the story here if you want to read it. :)

I was irked by the lack of believable aging you see in Archie comics, so I had my shot with that here. And now you can see how different his above child version is to this one. Lol...

Ignore the dead eyes I do a lot of model sheets like this to make sure everything aligns correctly. Welp! This is mostly his finale design. He looks more dorkish and if need be, paranoid which better suits his character.

The below pieces were two experimental things to A. see how his jaw would move and where his teeth would be placed ect. and the other was to see how fluidly they could move. They were both done before the above model sheet.


  1. what in the world is going on there between Tails and Antoine?

  2. @ rick2tails :

    Nothing, they were two separate sketches that were inked and drawn in the same doc. The context of both characters aren't related at all.


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