Monday, January 23, 2012

Geoffrey Saint John Anatomy Chart

So tired. D: Will add more info on this when I have the time.

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  1. Hello, I was lucky to stumble across your blog and what a good find!
    It's amazing to see such a unique view on these chracters from the cartoon/comic franchise and I gotta say it's inspirational too (from the view of character design or otherwise)! It's evident you have put a lot of thought and heart into your personal reboot and I find it very sweet. (Though I only have a few of the old American comics and it's been years since cartoon was aired in the UK; I didn't think I'd come across someone this committed, it's very cool.)

    I Like your take on Geoffrey here; He as a nice solid build and still he gives me the feeling that he's also an agile guy. I find his subtle back markings easy to look at while his front rather striking (assertive, in a way). The gentle, feathery fur of his cheeks and tail are a nice contrast to the harder feel I get from the rest of his outward appearance. I also like the shape of his head and (I love) his large nose! The comment on Geoffrey's bum made me laugh so very hard.

    I find his dark blue eyes stand out pleasingly in relation to his dark fur (and his eyes maybe make me feel a little uneasy to look at him head-on! Maybe it's the cold colour). His hooded eyelids combined with the sideways smirk of his mouth give off a self-assured air. (Does he always have hooded eyelids?) But I get this is a character sheet and so you've gone with a fairly neutral facial expression, right?

    PS I hope I got this submission right, I'm bad at online things like this being rubbish at keeping blogs or anything of my own. I can be really bad with tech, sorry!!
    PPS I also hope you don't mind if I make any comment on other work you've put here, when I have time to look at them, that is, because everything looks interesting. This is admirable work! :) ...Oh yeah thanks for reading this. It's a bit long, sorry. :I


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