Monday, January 2, 2012

Jacque & Other Tidbits

I've been super busy with work, two personal projects (outside of this one) and a few other things so sorry for the lack of updates. ;_; I hope to rectify that in the next coming weeks.

For the sake of making sense of a child spawn between a rabbit and a coyote and because my universe makes such an offspring more plausible; I decided to revamp Jacque's design a bit for funsies.

He's a fencer in my universe and loves the sport. So he has helmet hair from constantly wearing his eye guard.

Also for funsies and comparison, here's what's finished of the D'Collette family.

Antoine, Armand, Antoinette.

And because I don't a ref for Jackie (Bunnie) get it... Jack Rabbit? Lololol.... Which has another double meaning since she loves to groom her hair, I'm so full of horrible entendres... And because I forgot to upload this. :B Here you go.

And I also forgot to upload Dagre, Armand's father.

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