Thursday, December 8, 2011

Progress : Tails Body Chart

Super huge thanks to my friend, MITC for giving me some much needed crits along the way. They're a pro at anatomy.... don't believe me? Check out their art!

This is just showing the progress of what I like to call "tone it up, tone it down." TIU-TID for short. Which means I start off with a heavily detailed anatomical study of what I want the character the approximately look like; and slowly tone certain elements down without the hopes of loosing the main points learned from the original sketch.

I was going to work on Geoffrey fist but decided to go with Tails since he is the smallest and it would be interesting to see me draw a younger Mobian that adheres to some aspects of the official designs while taking my own twist on him. This is still a wip; so things like the weirdness going on in the legs will be fixed - haha...

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