Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anatomical Differences

The anatomy is, of course, meant to represent character demeanor and species. So below are my more finalized concepts of the characters in that respect. These will be cleaned up with front and back references. :) Ignore out of character elements. These were doodled at work with out my typical references lol.

He's the second youngest of the group and has a little buddah belly. Personally I think it makes him look more childlike as well as dorky for some unexplanable reason which is what I was going for. Plus he spends more time tinkering than going outside and having fun. ;) Also his hair, tails, and cheek tufts are poorly kept.

As explained here, skunks are stocky animals. So therefore, stocky Geoffrey! This would get him in trouble since he has to be a silent sniper. but thankfully he has the longest shooting range of any Mobian. You'll notice that he's slightly curvacious as well which is atypical in most Mobian species save for rodents and feral cats. But is more common than what's seen in Overlander and human species.

She's been problematic. I to want her to have a slight pudge but I also don't want people to mistake her as "fat." In the refined look she will have a smaller bust. And the legs will be fixed to have a slightly more feminine stance despite her tendency to slouch. But this is pretty much her look.

He's the thinnest considering his height and again, the tallest (unless you count his father who's a smidgen taller). His shoulder blades and ribs are also the most prominent close up and without clothes. Some might mistake him as anorexic, but he just has an extremely high metabolism.

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  1. Hey there!
    Great concept Art here. It may not look like the original Sonic style but... Hey! It's you're style! And it's pretty cool. I've never seen a style like this! A small tip I'd like to add though: How about giving Sally a more hourglass shaped figure? That be the most feminine I can think of. I'd go for Hourglass more than "pear" shaped figure. But whatever floats your boat.
    Keep up the great work, man!


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