Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feet & Overlanders

Slightly older Jacque (18)and young Manic (11) as seen from here. They're not in the main story whatsoever and appear only in minor bits of side stories.

And some random studies on Mobian feet possibilities. Because they're humanoids in my universe they have several cross overs with human anatomy. Although these charts are not absolute so some elements can be broken because of it.

Robotnik and Nate Morgan. I tend to draw people more realistic then tone them down to match the more toonish style of the Mobians. Doing them this way helps me get the facial structure right though.

Robotnik needs a wider jaw so that his creepy as hell smile is more prominent and foreboding. It's what makes his character, so yea - need to work on that lol. You will also notice that most of the Overlanders in my universe are cybernetic to some extent.

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