Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sticky Doodles

Some more sticky note doodles done while at work. :) Still getting the kinks out of Tails. Decided to make his hair wilder and more free to make him look less reserved and more youthful.

The sketch to the right and below him are of a fan OC who's an Overlander and henchmen of Snivley (on the right). Snivley's position is a lot more important than it was in the comics initially and with everything else in this reboot; a lot darker.

Rotor! I've been needing to draw him. So here's an attempt. Might give him less neck fat. For the sake of contrast of a typical walrus I'm going to make him chubby but not fat. Lol... maybe?

PS! To see the images full size - click on them once then right click and select "view image." :D

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