Thursday, November 24, 2011


Q. What inspires the designs, development, and stories?
A. Mostly the real life aspects of certain species, personal experiences, and imagination! But some aspects are inspired by preexisting concepts seen in the Archie comics. For example, a color mistake (presumed) on Geoffrey's left hand in an older Archie issue made it into my design of him. :)

Q. That's cool! Mind if I use them?
A. Please don't. As evident of the existence of this blog, I spend a good deal of time fleshing out the stories and visuals of the characters and their universe. You wouldn't like it if I took an idea of yours, would you?

Q. Hey! Your ___ reminds me of ___'s ___! Were you inspired by them?
A. I do not read any of the current or most of the old issues of Archie or any other written element from the Sonic franchise, despite really wanting to. I only skim enough to get a good basis and personality of the characters and then add my own twist from there.

Q. Why don't you read ___?
A. I don't want to suffer what I call "writer's pollution" where I'm unintentionally inspired too much by a preexisting work both official and fan related. The only written work I do read that is sonic related are works by my friend's MITC and ES. Even then, we make sure that specific universe elements don't cross.

Q. Do you mind if I tell you my fan fiction?
A. For reasons explained above, I would prefer if you didn't. If I feel as though a comment is getting to in depth about your own personal work; I will mostly disregard it.


  1. When you mentioned 'writer's pollution', i was finally able to name my problem. It happens a lot to me and then I realize it and scrap the idea, starting from scratch. It's really annoying. How to you keep that from happening?

  2. @ Strong

    Sadly, I have to stay away from a lot of the fandom. That means no reading official comics or stories. Or reading fanciction for that matter. Although the latter is easier because I've never bee much of a fanfic person. :)

    On other sites that I do share tidbits of my story I generally disallow commentary from other people that try and tell me their story or I simply ignore it. After a while, I generally turn off comments on any fan stuff I post on art communities.


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