Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sticky Doodles

Well, I ended up turning down the large commission for various reasons; mostly a disagreement on pay. Too bad... but other opportunities will come! :D

Other than that news, been super busy with work, freelance, and secret group projects I've been working on. But here's some doodles I've been spitting out on super small sticky notes while I take mini breaks at work.

Geoffrey, Antoine, Sonic, Tails, Antoinette (FOC), and Robotnik. Tail's design has changed to be a bit more catlike. You'll also see that when he smiles his top canines show just a little bit. That's because red foxes have the longest canines of any canid. Also gave him am ore slender muzzle and a more egg shaped head.

Still need to do ref sheets for many mobians, humans, ect.

Peace! ♥ *goes to work on commissions*

Oh, will update this blog with more stickies and hopefully, more finished works.

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  1. Hmm that's a shame, I hoped things would work out better for you. Perhaps though, it's a sign for better things to come. BTW loved the colored work of Antoinette. She has a nice neckline and graceful curves. I almost see a Maid Marion influence with her. Yet, she is not super feminine, just lighter than her male counterpart. (if that makes sense?)


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