Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jules & Bernadette

One of the areas that I've started tackling more during my hiatus was the hedgehogs, they are the main species after all. ;) Below are some of my first attempts tackling Bernadette "Bernie" and Jules.

I hope that it's more apparent where Sonic gets certain attribute from and since Mobians in my world are chimeras between people and different animals, some have more hedgie attributes than others depending on the line and location of that "hedgehog" Mobian. There's a reason for this in a veeeeery distant past I have written out, but that is for later of course. :) Much much later.... like - near the end later.

They were aged down here to compare their designs to Sonic's But in reality they're in their 30's-40's in the present time of my comic.

Jules and his brother are engineers, more specifically they're second hands to their father, Regis. Jules and his brother work for his father's shop, repairing broken machinery on their home island. Despite this, both have a heavy interest in robotics. Jules focuses more on mechanics and Charles more on AI.

Jules is snarky and a bit of prankster much to his calmer and more perceptive brother's chagrin.

Bernadette is a tinker. She's a housewife but is very skilled at fixing things as well, and is often found in her husband's inherited shop. She is a bit more stoic and focused on doing things effectively the first time and is great at time management. Which is why her father in law, Regis, takes such a strong liking to her. ;) Don't tell her husband she's taller than him, it makes him puff with agitation...

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