Sunday, October 7, 2012

St. John Family Busts

For some reason I never feel comfortable moving on with a present character's plot role unless I establish the parent's. I consider that a good thing because it makes the plot less "random" and things connect better. That muscular dude up there is Ian, Geoffrey's dad. His goofy and submissive personality is based off my grandfather (who was murdered by my grandmother) The condition of his eyes is based off my  aunt who has albinism so he has nystagmus. Despite this he's a very good marksman but outside of that he's very clumsy.

Skunk on the left is Geoffrey's mother. Her narcissistic, OCD, and mentally abusive personality is based off of said grandmother mentioned above. Their relationship (Ian/Eli) are similar to my grandparent's in real life, except for that whole murder thing.

These characteristics rub off on her son (far left) but despite being an asshole like his mother, he does have a soft spot for people he cares about and makes it known, more or less.

SKUNKS. They're assholes in real life, and in my universe to. Hate, hate hate hate, so much hate skunks have...

Oh, his mom's name is Elizabeth "Eli."

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