Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aaaaaand I'm Back!

Whoa... I know, I've been absent from here for - what, five months? Five months!!! How crazy is that?!

Well, the explanation to that is... life. Life had occurred. Another big project of mine has taken up a lot of my time and energy and promotions at work kind of got in the way of this project temporarily. Although I've been drawing art related to this project and posting elsewhere, this blog is supposed to be the main base of this project; and no, I haven't dropped it. ;) If anything, I've been focusing more on story, background characters, and working on environments. All of which will be posted here in the near future.

Until I organize those posts however, have some pieces that were done mostly for fun. :) Although some of them do have a slight back story.

These contain some spoilers so don't read if you don't want that!

In my universe, Sonic, Antoine, and the Freedom Fighters do not know each other nor do they live in the same lands. Sonic and his adopted brother, Tails, live on a tropical floating island; while Antoine lives in an inclosed oasis in a desert and the FF live in a massive biotech forest. Well, slight correction, Antoine does know the Freedom Fighters, but has not seen them in a long time and specifically chooses not to for reasons I will not spoil. ;)

Despite being one of the shortest and stockiest of the bunch, he's actually the most physically flexible. With Sonic and Antoine being equal matches in slightly different areas.

I've always thought it would be kind of cool to have Max as the energetic one and Armand as the reclusive and more quiet of the trio, that trio being: Max, Armand, Ian. Armand's personality and past are heavily inspired by my mother's young personality and most of her past, which actually builds a large plot element with Armand in the future that is more close to the present.

But this piece takes place in a past before any real troubles affected Max or Armand and they were, for the most part, kids without a care in the world. In this particular piece, this is before they become close friends.

This was drawn after visiting a friend of mine from Dreamworks. His children were such a pleasure that their present and my past have been molded to form Antoine's before things end up going horribly wrong in the future for him and everyone involved. :(

I've only drawn Bunnie twice, and my has she changed... Odd that she ended up looking like my good friend, Dana. Accident, I promise! 

Bunnie has been renamed Jackie and is a hare/rabbit for many serious puns... Jack Rabbit, "Bunnie" Rabbit, and she likes hair. Haaaaaaah - I'm lame.

While I was away I've apparently been evolving. For the better though! So yaaaaaay. Compare the old art to the new. His back story changed a lot and I do mean a LOT. When I eventually get to this point of hte comic, and it has passed, I will probably go into detail how much his personality, purpose, and past have changed from my original concept. He's normally not this emo. But in this particular case he has a good reason for sobbing. Again, it's one of those plot elements I wont entirely spoil. But this conceptual incident takes place a few days before Sonic and he meet.

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  1. 'Ello! i'm a big fan of your art, especially Antoine! <3, and for some reason, whenever i draw him, it looks too much like your style, so, i want to adapt to a style of my own, even hough yours is such a nice one!


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