Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sonic Turn Sheets 2.0

Hey there guys! I was going to be pumping out a shit ton of stuff Sonic related but then I got the sick from a little cousin of mine, or someone... I BLAME SOMEONE. On that note however, turn sheets! This will most likely be Sonic's finale look.

As you can tell from the above, Sonic (as are all Mobians) are genetically composed of human and various animal DNA that give them the appearance of an anthropomorphic singular species despite having various genetic material or little to no relation to the perceived species. In the case of his blue fur, it's a color morph originating to distant feliform DNA which contains the genetic coding for blue fur phenotypes. "Hedgehogs" have a much more obvious mutagen of the gene compared to "cats" and their fur hues tend to be cool colors such as blues, purples, greys, and whites.

The insectivore and rodent based Mobians are the shortest mammalians topping out at around 3-4 feet. In the case of Sonic, he is actually one of the tallest in his group toping out close to four feet. Unlike Antoine, who has four toes per foot and much shorter proximal, middle, and distal phalanges, Sonic has longer portions of that area along with a fifth toe. His hands are also more common to his species grouping in that his metacarpals and proximal phalanges are shorter creating "mousy" hands.

He carries instincts similar to his hedgehog heritage in that he will roll or prickle up when experiencing a negative emotion or turn his head downward and "saw." His "species" tends to thrive in warm climates such as islands and deserts.

There's an "oopsie" or two I need to correct but I will do it tomorrow, lol...

PS: Few Mobians have last names in the more human or Overlander sense and tend to carry last names typical to their "species" or visual grouping. They, instead of IDing each other based on last names, consider first and middle names more important.

Sonic is a bit of a contrast when it comes to how his species acts. Although it is noted that hedgehogs are quite brazen and are slow to admit personal errors, they are generally very wary and forward thinking in their actions in order to prevent the former. Depending on the pedigree, this is either a genetic or a learned trait.

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