Monday, November 26, 2012

Environmental Sketches

I did more of these on my main blog but since they're not sonic related most of them are staying there for the time being.

There's actually a lot of environments and nit picky little details I will be exploring with each of these but for now they're "jot down the idea" conceptual type pieces.

Out of all the most complex environments it would have to be Acorn's kingdom which is surrounded by Knothole Woods which is located within a huge labyrinth of woods that's about two to three states deep, so it's flippin huge.

The palace is a ziggurat shaped structure that is powered by clean energy produced by a chaos emerald located underneath in a pool of molten metals kept down at the core of the building. These same metals are also used to produce small power rings that are used as batteries of sorts for the local inhabitants.

I wanted the palace to be secured and hard to find. So although things aren't really to scale here, the slopping trees are actually animalistic beings that are genetically geared to protecting anything from coming near the chaos emerald. Which is why villagers of this area have to use hidden underground tunnels to get in and out of Acorn's metropolis.  Light is also limited and scattered within the area, much like a rain forrest.

From there, the forrest is a deep canopy inhabited by sentinels and then by knothole villagers with the exterior inhabited by various goblin races. Although the two dislike each other, they tend to maintain a truce.

Most peoples who try an navigate through any part of this forest tend to die from starvation or being killed by the local flora and fauna.

Not much to say about this. :B Antoine rides a bike because he's dirt poor. So expect a lot of sketches of bikes once I'm done with his ref sheet.

Sonic running from some baddies.

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