Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Test Page Of Sorts

This ended up being one o those test that I was originally gungho about but then ended up drawing due to neurotic things that bothered me about it. This isn't to say that I wont do a comic! I most certainty will... it's just that I'm picky about the long and tone of things.

My main problem with this test is that Sonic has yet to have a defined look that I'm satisfied with from all angles. In fact, his father has a more solid design than Sonic does at this point, and that's kind of bothersome. :B Then again, taking something as iconic as Sonic and making it your own while sticking the formulas for him that work is a bit daunting!

He's a character who I think would benefit from more inspired elements from his father ranging from "hair" to muzzle style and it's an aspect of his design I will be tacking thanksgiving break while trying to nail down certain elements that will make him fit with the rest of the cast while being his own. I've somewhat succeed here with that goal; and I think giving him less chiseled features and a shorter stature could help with that.

But the main goal, seeing what format would work with the characters and practicing certain elements had some good learning points! I would much prefer this comic be horizontal in layout, but I will have to sketch out parts of book one to see how well that will translate as a page to page thing.

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